Powder Coating

We have a production powder coating line with the capacity of handling parts up to 20’ long by 5’ tall by 3’ wide. We are able to run our station with speeds up to 6’ a minute.


Burr removal, edge rounding, and surface graining are achieved using our automated, multi-station finishing machine. 53” maximum part width.


Structural materials such as angle, channel, and tubing are cut using our horizontal CNC saw with a 20”x25” bundler and automatic feed. Precision to +/- 1/32”.

Hardware Insertion

Self-clinching fasteners such as nuts, studs, and standoffs are installed into sheet metal parts using our pneumatic insertion presses.

Custom Value-Added Capabilities

  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Packaging, boxing, and labeling
  • Product Kitting
  • Warehousing
  • Vendor Managed Inventory